Gold is the middle tier of heroes. Most heroes in the game are gold.

Almost all gold heroes can be obtained in one chest or another that costs Power Gems, but there are also other sources.


As of 14 March 2019, 9 gold heroes can be obtained through the Campaign (by order of first appearance in the Campaign):

Most of them can also be found elsewhere, such as in chests or raid rewards.

Grid is the only Campaign hero that can also be obtained through Challenges.


There are a number of gold heroes that can be obtained from Leagues (both from purchasing with League Credits, or received directly as a reward for raid completion, although the latter is rare and usually other hero shards are awarded):

Chests and raid rewardsEdit

These heroes' shards can be obtained from chests, as well as raid completion rewards.

Chests onlyEdit

These heroes' shards can only be obtained from special chests or offers.

Arena season rewardEdit

These heroes' shards can be obtained from Arena season rank rewards. Generally, most newer and stronger heroes are of this category. They are usually also found in specific chests (e.g. Black Adam could be found in Regime Chest or Wizard Chest).

Arena invasionEdit

These heroes' shards can be obtained from Arena invasion events, during which a hero may randomly replace one of the opponents on the enemy team, and defeating them would award their shards and gear.

Arena MedalsEdit

These heroes can be purchased with Arena Medals in the Arena Store. Green Lantern is the only silver hero that can be obtained this way.


Challenges are rotating events, similar to Arena seasons, that allow you to beat three tiers of battles for increasing amounts of shards, and a chance in gear. While not as powerful as Arena heroes, they take much less effort to obtain, and gaining their shards is also much more energy efficient compared to Campaign heroes, although Challenges are random while Campaign is permanent. They can also be found in various chests.


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