Flora Poison Ivy is a 3-star base gold Metahuman Class Hero. While similar to Entangling Poison Ivy, she can be recognized by her green skin - and is generally a deadlier combatant due to her unavoidable Armor-Piercing Vine Drill.


Flora Poison Ivy's basic attack combos have more hits, allowing her to rack up the hit counter faster; however, they also have very short range, and it can be hard to hit her opponent with them.




Vine Drill

Datura Hammer

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  • Flora Poison Ivy unlike Entangling Poison Ivy has two plants sprouting out of her back which is similar to the Injustice 2 console version.
  • Flora Poison Ivy's range attack is blasting projectiles from her plants at her back while Entangling Poison Ivy summons a plant creature (which is her character power in the console version) to fire a projectile at her opponent.