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Not to be confused with the unrelated Energy Tank.

Energy, or Stamina, is required to enter Challenges, Campaign battles, and Resource missions. Arena battles consume Pips instead, Story and Operations do not have a cost to enter, and Raids are only limited to 3 per day and heroes cannot be reused in the same day (cannot be reused in the whole raid for difficulty V and VI). Energy is tied to the account, and is shared across all heroes.

Battle Energy consumed
Normal Campaign Chapter 1-2 6
Normal Campaign Chapter 3-4 7
Normal Campaign Chapter 5-6 8
Heroic Campaign Chapter 1-2 12
Heroic Campaign Chapter 3-4 14
Heroic Campaign Chapter 5 16
Resource Missions 6
Challenge I 6*
Challenge II 9*
Challenge III 12*

* For challenge battles Energy is only consumed in case of victory. In case of defeat it is not used up.

The same amount is consumed regardless of the number of characters on the team. Energy regenerates slowly, at 1 per 10 minutes. There are 2 dailies that award Energy- 60 for logging in, 30 for participating in 3 Arena battles, meaning that every day you can at least gain 234 Energy. It can also be obtained randomly from Basic Chests (10% chance of roughly 6-11 energy), including the one that you can obtain free every three hours.

There is a "soft" cap on Energy depending on Account Level (60 at level 1, increasing by 1 per level); more can be earned and kept through Objectives, but Energy will only naturally generate if under the cap.

Gaining a level awards bonus Energy.

Level reached Energy awarded
2-10 30
11-20 40
21-30 50
31-40 60
41-50 70
51-60 80

Energy can be refilled for 50 Power Gems for up to 10 times a day.

If you win a campaign battle, you will be awarded account XP equal to the Energy spent.