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Deadshot is a silver Tech class Hero.


Floyd Lawton is an expert mercenary and hitman specializing in taking out opponents from a distance. Deadshot gains a damage bonus based on how far away he is from his opponent, and gives his entire team a bonus critical chance.


Sharpshooter (passive)[]

  • +5%/10%/15%/20%/25% Damage based on opponent distance
  • +2%/4%/6%/8%/10% Critical Attack chance for team

Deadshot deals extra damage based on his opponent's distance. His team also gets a critical attack chance boost.

Marksmanship (Special 1)[]

Consumes 3 bars of power.

  • [100% Attack stat] Damage

Floyd masterfully delivers several rifle shots that knock back his opponent at any distance.

Twins (Special 2)[]

Consumes 5 bars of power.

  • [150% Attack stat] Damage

Deadshot dual burst fire his wrist-mounted guns. Upon use, tap once to determine an aim result ranging from low to critical damage.

Assassin Knee (Special 3)[]

Consumes 7 bars of power.

  • [300% Attack stat] Damage

Deadshots hurls himself forward, striking with a knee into kick combo that knocks down his opponent.

Face Time (Supermove)[]

Consumes 10 bars of power.

  • [800% Attack stat] Damage
  • +5%/10%/15%/20%/25%/35% Damage for the duration of the battle

The ultimate assassin shows why he is THE true professional.


Deadshot, like Batman and Unbreakable Cyborg, offer a strong boost to any hero on his team against the Boss Gorilla Grodd in raids, although higher level players would generally find their own super-powerful high threat teams better.

Twins has a mechanic ubiquitous in the first Injustice Mobile game but rare in Injustice 2 Mobile, with an "aiming" minigame that requires you to tap while the moving target is close to the center. It has 6 equal hits. If you tap poorly or not tap at all, it adds up to only 50% of its stated damage, while if you tap correctly, it can deal up to 125% stated damage with a higher chance of critical (estimated).

Obtaining Gear[]

Gear Normal Heroic Gear Level
Targeting Eye Chapter 1, Battle 12 2
Body Armor Chapter 3, Battle 6 Chapter 5, Battle 6 3, 10
Wrist Gun Chapter 1, Battle 24 3
Boots Chapter 2, Battle 6 Chapter 2, Battle 24 2, 5
Assault Rifle Chapter 3, Battle 18 Chapter 6, Battle 12 3, 12