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Classic Superman is a 2-Star base, Gold, Might hero. He was added to the game in April of 2018, coinciding with the 80th Anniversary of Superman's first appearance in Action Comics #1 in 1938. His shards could be obtained during his Arena Invasion event.


When Superman uses his Special, Blast from the Past, he damages the entire enemy team and lowers the active opponent's defense for the rest of the battle. He has strong synergy with Classic team, providing healing to synergize with Batman's power gain on blind, and defense to benefits from Wonder Woman's extra CAD on defense.

He can lower enemy's defense by using special attack, making him a decent support in Raid.


Titanic Strength[]

  • Each use of Superman's Blast from the Past ability deals additional damage to tagged out opponents and decreases the defense of the current opponent for the remainder of the battle.
    • ( X per Level ) Damage to tagged out opponent
    • ( X per Level )% Decrease of current opponent's defense

Leaping Punch[]

  • Superman leaps forward, striking with a single powerful punch.
    • ( Attack * 1 + X per Level ) Damage

Blast from the Past[]

  • Superman springs into action, quickly grabbing a vehicle to slam upon his opponent.
    • ( Attack * 2 + X per Level ) Damage

X-Ray Vision[]

  • Superman heats up his opponent, causing damage over time (DoT) at any distance.
    • ( Attack * 3 + X per Level ) Damage

Kryptonian Crush[]

  • Superman shows his unparalleled power and gives his foe a pummeling in the skies.
    • ( Attack * 8 + X per Level ) Damage
    • + ( X per Level )% Damage for the duration of the battle


  • He is the only 2-star hero to require a Galactic Orb to reach 6 stars.
  • He is the only variant of Superman to not have Super Block as one of his abilities, making him a more aggressive hero.
  • In the Golden Age of Comic Books, Superman used "the heat of his X-Ray Vision" to burn opponents before the they developed as the two separate abilities Heat Vision & X-Ray Vision.
  • Classic Superman is one of two characters animated in their original comic book style, the other being Classic Batman.