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Justice League The Flash, a Metahuman class hero.

All heroes belong to one of the 5 following classes, AgilityArcane, MetahumanMight, and Tech. All classes barring arcane heroes have an advantage over another class. The advantage is the same for all classes. When a particular class has an advantage over another class then the advantaged class deals +20% damage and receives -10% damage.

  • Tech class has an advantage over Might class.
  • Might class has an advantage over Agility class.
  • Agility class has an advantage over Metahuman class.
  • Metahuman class has an advantage over Tech class.

When the hero tagged in holds an advantage, their class icon will glow green. If there is a tagged-out hero who would have an advantage over the current tagged-in opponent, a flashing green arrow would point to their portrait, this happens even if the tagged-in hero already has an advantage.

As of 5th November 2019 (update 3.3.1), there are 22 agility heroes, 15 arcane heroes, 13 metahuman heroes, 22 might heroes,and 19 tech heroes.


  • It was originally planned to have might class to have an advantage over the tech class, but was later reversed for unknown reasons.
  • Arkham Knight Batman is the only hero to have his class changed, from tech to agility.