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For the Raid Boss, see Boss Captain Cold.

Captain Cold is a gold, 3 star base, Tech class hero. He was announced in the 1.5 update but was released on August 1, 2017. He is obtainable through the Arena (via Arena Medals) as well as his gear. He can occasionally be purchased as a '3 Star Pack' for $24.99 or '4 Star Pack' for $44.99


When Captain Cold joins a battle, he may instantly disable abilities of his opponent. He is also able to create a frost field that slows the power generation of his opponent while dealing damage over time (DoT).


Absolute Zero (Passive)

  • When he is the active combatant, Captain Cold has a chance to disable opponent Special 1 or Special 2. He also grants the entire time critical hit resistance.
    • 30%/35%/40%/45%/50% team Critical attack resistance
    • 60%/70%/80%/90%/100% chance to disable.

Frost Field (Special 1)

  • Hazard Damage: Captain Cold creates a cold field that, upon contact, slows his opponent's power generation while dealing hazard damage over time.
    • (Attack*1 + X per Lvl) Damage over time
    • (-40% + -1% per lvl) opponent Power generation.

The Wall (Special 2)

  • Snart kicks forward a wall of ice, knocking back his opponent.
    • (Attack*1.5 + X per Lvl) Damage

Death-Circle (Special 3)

  • Captain Cold drops a large icicle onto his opponent.
    • (Attack*2 + X per Lvl) Damage


Swamp Thing: +40% Attack, +40% HP and +10% Power Generation.

Entangling Poison Ivy: +20% Attack, +20% HP and +25% Team Hazard Damage for attacks.

Horrific Scarecrow: +25% Attack, +25% HP and +50% Team Stun Resistance.