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Legendary, Tech class hero. He was added to the game on July 2, 2019. Despite being the main antagonist of Injustice 2, Brainiac has yet to appear in the mobile version Story Mode. Brainiac Also can be unlocked when you have completed the story mode.


Brainiac passive 1 Cap's damage for himself and legendary Teammates any damage doesn't go any higher in additions Brainiac's passive 2 Grants legendary and summoned heroes increase attack, health and lethal damage making him a good support hero for legendry's. Brainiac's passive 3 hacks knocked out hero's and makes them fight for his team.


paring with Black Manta since his passive makes it so every special abilities used by Black manta or Legendary hero's inflict DoT damage and adds a healing block which the Dot Damage is a percent of Black mantas Attack. as well as second passive Black manta Suit when black manta or legendary allies block a special ability there

Brainiac supports all legendry with lethal attack with Batman Ninja Gorilla Grodd you be gaining power per ever lethal attack you inflict

Brainiac hacks ko'd hero's and makes them fight for his team pair Brainiac with collector of worlds superman , Darksied and last laugh the joker. if the hacked hero's take damaged or KO'd they would heal Darksied and Collector of worlds superman and KO'd hero's would give damage to Darksied and last laugh the joker since both Last Laugh The Joke and Darksied's Passive when ever anybody on any team gets knocked outs they gain damage for the rest of the battle.

Force Field[]

  • Damage from Basic attacks directed to Brainiac and His teammates cannot get any higher than a certain amount of there Max heath
    • 2/3/4 % Cap damage

Living Metal[]

  • All legendary heroes and Summoned hero's get increased Health and Attack. They also Receive a percent of Brainiac's lethal attack.
    • +100% Attack
    • +100%Health
    • +170 Lethal damage
    • +170 Lethal Damage chance

!2th Level Intellect

  • Brainiac hacks KO'd Opponents battles and makes them Fight for His Team in Battle. Brainiac need to be alive for this affect to take place but dose not need to be tagged in for the effect to take place, all hacked heroes are granted all living Metal bonus
    • 50% hacked Hero Health

Move Set[]

Tendril Strike (Special 1)[]

  • Brainiac Strikes his Opponent With His Tendrils Knocking them back finishing it of by Beaming them with his Skull ship .
    • (attack *+X Per Level ) Damage
    • each unblocked Tendril Strike Grants A Lethal attack Chance Bonus.

Power Lunge (Special 2)[]

  • Brainiac Charges Forward Knocking His opponent Down .
    • (Attack *+ Per Level)Damage
    • Each unblocked Power Lunge Grants Brainiac .

Assault Drone (Special 3)[]

  • Brainiac summons an Assault Drone Whose stats are a percentage of Brainiac's stats similar to Darksied's parademons Living Metal effects get applied to Drone.
    • (Attack *+ Per Level)Drone attack
    • (Health *+ Per Level)Drone Health
    • 35 Second Cooldown
    • 30.7% Damage to Brainiac When Drone is destroyed

(SuperMove) Skull Ship[]

  • Brainiac calls upon his ship for a devastating blow.
    • 5,760 Damage
    • +35 damage for the duration of the battle


  • Brainiac is voiced by Jeffrey Combs.
  • Boss Brainiac's Special 3 is different to Regular Brainiac