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As seen in Raid IV, but the modifiers should be the same.

Boss Horrific Scarecrow is one of the four sub-bosses encountered in the Brainiac: Collector of Worlds raid. He also reappears as a Sub Boss in Tier IV of the Dawn of Apokolips Solo Raid and Boss Scarecrow appears as a Boss in Tier I of the Rise of Krypton Solo Raid.


He is the only sub-boss with the chaos handicap, making it especially difficult for a low threat King of Atlantis Aquaman to properly fire off his 3 uses of "Wrath of King Atlan".

Energized Starfire is a strong defensive option against him; generally, if she is of a comparable Star rating and at a high level, she can heal more damage than he does with his specials.

Despite Boss Scarecrow having Horrific Scarecrow's appearance and previously, pausing will show Scarecrow's passive, neither passives are active during the boss fight against him. The display has been changed and now it only states he is immune to power drain.

In the Dawn of Apokolips Solo Raid, however, Boss Horrific Scarecrow loses all of his normal handicaps, which are replaced instead with Critical attack Chance and damage, and he also gains extra basic attack damage.

In the Rise of Krypton Solo Raid, Boss Scarecrow takes on the appearance of Scarecrow, and has increased Critical Attack Chance and Damage.

Hero advantages[]


  • In the story, Scarecrow is one of the members of Gorilla Grodd's society, but they disbanded upon discovering Brainiac aims to destroy the planet.
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