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As seen in Raid IV, but the modifiers should be the same.

Boss Gorilla Grodd is one of the four sub-bosses encountered in the Brainiac: Collector of Worlds raid.


Boss Gorilla Grodd has the highest Attack out of the raid bosses, his abilities can deal punishing damage even when blocked.

He does not have either of the Gorilla Grodds' passives.

For his specials, he has Gorilla Grodd's Stampede (3 bars), and Telekinetic Gorilla Grodd's Primal Roar (4 bars) and Psionic Blast (7 bars). Unlike either variants of Gorilla Grodd (character), Boss Gorilla Grodd does not have access to Psi Shield, allowing you to freely use specials against him.

He is unique among sub-bosses in that he is aided by two gorilla minions. Boss Gorilla Grodd is always the first to appear in the match, but he always tags out immediately at match start, and you must defeat the minions before you can hit him.

Hero advantages[]

Hero Advantages are special bonuses that apply when a specific hero is on the team.

1. High Explosive Ammo

  • +40% Attack
  • +40% Health
  • +15% team's critical attack damage
  • Required: Deadshot

2. Endurance Training

3. Tactical Expert

  • +40% Attack
  • +40% Health
  • +10% Critical Attack chance for team
  • Required: Batman


  • In the Story, Gorilla Grodd leads the society of supervillains, serving Brainiac, but all except Grodd deserted when they learned Brainiac intended to scorch the Earth. However, Grodd plotted to usurp Brainiac before he was killed by Aquaman.
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