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As seen in Raid IV, but the modifiers should be the same.

Boss Doctor Fate is one of the four sub-bosses encountered in the Brainiac: Collector of Worlds raid.


One of the harder sub-bosses as his passive allows him to use his specials often, and his Focused and Vicious cause them to deal a lot of damage. If not blocked even his Glyph of Anubis used with 1 bar can one-shot weaker heroes.

Hero advantages[]

Hero Advantages are special bonuses that apply when a specific hero is on the team.

1. Titanium Edged Blade

  • +40% Attack
  • +40% Health
  • +15% team's critical attack damage
  • Required: Robin

2. TK Enhanced Blows

  • +40% Attack
  • +40% Health
  • +10% Critical Attack chance for team
  • Required: Gorilla Grodd

3. Tactical Expert

  • +20% Attack
  • +20% Health
  • +25% Team Critical Attack Resistance
  • Required: Hellboy


  • In the story, Doctor Fate is forced to serve Brainiac as the Lords of Order supports him. He is defeated by either Superman or Batman. Superman destroys his helmet, which frees him before Brainiac kills him.
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