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As seen in Raid IV, but the modifiers should be the same.

Boss Captain Cold is one of the four sub-bosses encountered in the Brainiac: Collector of Worlds raid.

One of the easier sub-bosses if you have Horrific Scarecrow in your team, as his stun on special can easily KO weaker characters otherwise (also prevents usage of enhanced block after the first hit).

Captain Cold is also very easy if you have a Multiverse team with Multiverse Armored Supergirl. She will halve his defense on Special 1, rendering his Critical Attack resistance ineffective and can slam down on him after a Multiverse teammate (especially Multiverse The Flash and Multiverse Black Lightning, as they have the Metahuman class advantages against him) when he tries to use a Special Attack and gains bars of power upon successful interruption. Plus, Flash can evade his Specials and counterattack and Black Lightning allows his Specials to cost more Power as they are used against the whole team.


Boss Captain Cold will attempt to stun you often. Blocking his attacks will prevent you from being stunned.

Heavy Handed - Boss Captain Cold's abilites have a greatly inceased chance to stun.

No Mercy - When Boss Captain Cold stuns an opponent, he also deals damage over time.

Harmonious - This boss cannot be stunned or frozen, and has immunity to power drain.

Hero advantages[]

Hero Advantages are special bonuses that apply when a specific hero is on the team.

1. Force of Nature

  • +40% Attack
  • +40% Health
  • +10% team's Power generation
  • Required: Swamp Thing

2. Nature's Revenge

3. Stunproof Mask


  • In the story, Captain Cold is one of the members of Gorilla Grodd's society, but they disbanded upon discovering Brainiac aims to destroy the planet.
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