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Blue Beetle is a Legendary 4-star, Arcane class hero.

He can be earned from his premium chest(100% chance).

Blue Beetle is one of The Best arcane heroes.


Scarab Stabs

Consumes 3 bars of power.

Activates temporally lethal Power Blades on Blue Beetle’s Basic and Swipe Attacks, granting a chance to bypass his opponent's block.

Does 100 million Damage

Blade Barrage

Consumes 4 bars of power.

Activates temporary armor-piercing Power Blades on Blue Beetle’s swipe and tap attacks, bypassing his enemy blocking.

Does 20 Trillion Damage

Shield Slam

Consumes 5 bars of power.

Does 300 Quadrillion damage


He is somewhat like a more expensive and stronger and limited version of the powerful Justice League Cyborg/Justice League Aquaman combo. Using Blade Barrage would allow him to armor-pierce for a few seconds, while his passive boosts his basic damage, More than Cyborg even does.


  • He can be only obtained through his chest or by real money
  • he is better than pst