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Blue Beetle is a Gold 2-star, Arcane class hero.

He can be directly unlocked by receiving him from his premium chest or obtaining enough shards from his challenge, which also drops his gear items.

His abilities augment his basic attacks or defense, while his passive increases the damage of his basic attacks as long as the buff from one of those abilities is active


Scarab Stabs

Consumes 3 bars of power.

Activates temporally lethal Power Blades on Blue Beetle’s Basic and Swipe Attacks, granting a chance to bypass his opponent's block. Increases lethal hit chance for 8 seconds by 10%(+1,015% per ability level)

Blade Barrage

Consumes 4 bars of power.

Activates temporary armor-piercing Power Blades on Blue Beetle’s swipe and tap attacks, bypassing his enemy blocking. All basic attacks are armor-piercing for 3(+0,101 per level) seconds.

Shield Slam

Consumes 5 bars of power.

Deals ~300% attack damage and increases his defense by 20(+0,94 per level)%.


Using him with Doctor Fate or Power Girl allows him to use special attacks much more often, making it easier to keep his passive active. While his passive is also a much weaker version of JL Cyborg, the additional buffs from each ability means he has more flexibility during a fight, being able to maintain a reinforced defense against enemy damage dealers or switching to armor piercing to deal with those build for endurance.

This style of mixing high damage basic attacks and constantly performing special attacks puts him at high risk against opponents capable of reflecting basic attacks or those possessing a superblock.


  • Apart from his chest and challenge, the is also occasionally avaible through promotional packs like the Cinco de Mayo gift.