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Blademaster Robin is a gold, 3-Star base, Agility class Hero. A staple of special damage-dealing characters, his relatively high availability and an uncomplicated, straightforward playstyle that dishes out respectable damage gives him some enduring popularity.

Robin always receives extra Combo Meter Hits, increasing the damage bonus received upon using his Special Abilities.

Essentially , this means that his combo meter will always have a minimum number of hits, and will not drop below that amount. This allows for Robin to be a rather effective combo builder, as he starts of with additional hits and can thus build a high combo faster.


Blademaster Robin shards are obtainable from the store's Hero Chest, Raid rewards, and in Campaign mode. He can be found on Chapter 5, Battle 12, and Chapter 8, Battle 18.


  • Hood — Raid Rewards
  • Chest — Chapter 7, Battle 12 (Normal)
  • Gloves — Chapter 8, Battle 24 (Normal)
  • Boots — Chapter 6, Battle 6 (Heroic)
  • Sword — Chapter 7, Battle 24 (Heroic)


Perfect Son (Passive)[]

  • Robin starts his Combo Meter with extra hits, increasing the bonus damage dealt from his Abilities.
    • ( X per Level ) Hits minimum on Combo Meter

Sword Dance[]

  • Robin jump twists forward into a grand uppercut
    • ( Attack * 1 + X per Level ) Damage


  • Gadgetry bookends a trio of Damian's sword maneuver.
    • ( Attack * 2 + X per Level ) Damage
    • +( X per Level )% Chance to stun

Love and Respect[]

  • Steel and foot combine to knock down Damian's opponent.
    • ( Attack * 3 + X per Level ) Damage

Holding Back[]

  • Combines sword and gadgets into a high damage sequence.
    • ( Attack * 8 + X per Level ) Damage
    • + ( X per Level )% Damage for the duration of the battle


Blademaster Robin's passive ability raises the minimum number and starting point of his combo counter to 3-7, depending on the passive's level. Since he is 3 star base and upgrading the passive is cheap, he should have at least 5 combo hits minimum.

If he uses a special, sees the opponent switch out, or is hit by an attack, the combo meter resets to the number specified by the passive. If he switches out, the current combo meter is maintained. If you have started a combo chain with one or more other characters and switch him in, then the combo meter will be increased to 5 if it is lower.

His passive makes him a special-oriented attacker, giving him a 15%-35% "headstart" on the damage of his specials as compared against other characters. He can also perform a very situational support function in handing off a strong combo meter.

His attack abilities are mostly a large number of melee-range slashes with his sword, though some of them include lunges that have modest range, and his second ability features one ranged hit. None of his abilities can hit multiple opponents, or secure a KO on opponents on any hits aside from the final one.

His first attack ability, Sword Dance, (3 power, 100%- damage)

His second attack ability (4 power, 150%- damage) . This attack has a stun chance that tops off at 50% when fully upgraded. The final hit of this attack is a boomerang that hits the target from the opposite direction (!) and so is fully ranged (and may be the only hit necessary to impart stun), although sometimes the opponent is able to leap and dodge this part of the attack. Altogether, this is probably the go-to attack of Blademaster Robin.

His third attack ability, Love and Respect (4 power, 300%-% damage

Like all special-oriented characters, it's hard to conceive of a more optimal partner for Blademaster Robin than Doctor Fate. Doctor Fate gives Blademaster Robin a head start on the unleashing of his already-more powerful specials, and he softens up the opponents' defense as well.