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Black Manta is a 3-star tech legendary hero

Black Manta is a character who was added in the 3.3 update he is very good in both arena and raids

stats below are basic/lvl1 stats plain no gear nothing

Strength 1100
Ability 1050
Defense 950
Health 1000


-Open wounds

special abilities used by Black Manta or Legendary allies inflict DoT for a percentage of Black Manta's attack

prevents opponent from healing for 24 seconds

+300% of Black Manta's attack stat is applied for DoT for 24 seconds

-revenge mission

with each consecutive basic swipe and fast attack Black Manta next attack against the same opponent gets stronger. this stacking effect expires when either a different hero is hit or after a short duration of not landing any basic attacks or swipe attacks. Bonus damage is tripled against aquaman opponents. this effect stacks up to 100 times

+12% damage per basic,swipe or fast attacks for 9 seconds

-Black Manta suit

Black Manta gains increased health when entering combat. additionally, whenever Black Manta or legendary allies perform successful blocks, thier damage reduction from blocking increases temporarily. this effect stacks up to 100 times

+300% health

+18% damage reduction from block for 8 seconds

SPECIAL ATTACKS(all attacks listed are lvl70)

-sp1/rising tide

Black Manta dives underground and uppercuts his opponent, temporarily reducing their power regen

9,304 dmg

-50.02% power generation for 20.05 seconds

-sp2/manta beam

Black Manta unleashes a optic blast, applying a burning effect that halves the opponents current defense

18,144 damage

applies burn to opponent for 18.42 seconds