Black Adam is a 3-star default gold Arcane class character. His shards can be obtained from Arena seasons and the Regime Chest. All his abilities are ranged and revolve around power manipulation, allowing him to batter his foes with relentless barrages of lightning and empowering his allies to do the same.



Power of Aton (passive)Edit

  • Immune to increases to Power cost of Abilities
  • On Tag-in, 10%/25%/40%/55%/? chance to stun.
  • Special 1's power boost increases 1%/1%/2%/5%/?. Stacks up to 1/1/2/4/?/? times.
  • Special 3 may steal 1/1/3/5/? Power Bars.

Black Adam's Specials can manipulate power.

Lightning CageEdit

  • [100% (+2% per level) of Damage stat] Damage
  • +25% Power generation for 15 seconds
  • 35% (+0.5% per level) Chance to reduce team power cost.

Increases power generation and grants a chance to reduce power costs for team's Abilities.

Storm CloudEdit

  • [150% (+2% per level) of Damage stat] Damage
  • 40% (+0.5% per level) Chance to increase power cost of current opponent's Abilities by 3 for 25 seconds.
  • Reduces current opponent's Basic and Swipe damage by 40% (+0.5% per level) for 25 seconds.

Decreases Basic and Swipe damage of opponent and grants a chance to increase power costs of opponent's Abilities.

Electric BurstEdit

  • [300% (+2% per level) of Damage stat] Damage
  • 25% (+0.5% per level) Chance to steal Power Bars.


His power cost reduction does stack with Doctor Fate or Power Girl's passives, reducing power costs by up to 5 while it's active. Power costs cannot be reduced below 1 bar. The buffs apply after the special since update 2.8.

It is currently bugged and leveling up the ability does not seem to increase the chance of activating the power cost reduction buff, and instead remaining around its base value of 35%.

Storm Cloud's power cost increase does stack with Horrific Scarecrow's passive. It would affect targets using Special block, causing them to drain power extremely quickly.

Unlike normal power drain, Electric Burst can take enemy power and give them to Black Adam, even if his opponent is blocking, or even unhittable (such as Armored Superman or Speedforce The Flash's passive; they will still take no damage, but power can be stolen). It steals power after the end of the special. Therefore, special block will reduce its damage and reflect damage back to Black Adam before their power can be depleted.


  • Before update 2.8, the buffs apply at the beginning of the special, not when the special hits the target - if Black Adam is stunned in the small window between that, he can still apply the buffs.