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Batman Ninja Lord Joker is a Gold 3-star base, Agility class hero.


Lord Joker prolongs battles, reviving up to two heroes from knockout if Batman is on the opponent's team.


Eternal Foe (passive)

  • 15%/20%/?/?/? Health restored to KO'd heroes

If Batman is on the opponent's team, Lord Joker revives up to two heroes from knockout.

Poison Gas (Special 1)

Consumes 3 bars.

  • [100% Attack stat] Damage
  • Disable opponent's Fast Attacks for 3 seconds

Lord Joker throws a poison gas bomb, slowing his opponent, preventing Fast Attacks for a limited time.

Poking Around (Special 2)

Consumes 3 bars.

  • [150% Attack stat] Damage

Lord Joker pokes with his blade, knocking down his opponent.

Acid Flower (Special 3)

Consumes 4 bars.

  • [300% Attack stat] Damage
  • Causes additional [90% Attack stat] damage to tagged out opponents if current opponent is still affected by Poison Gas Special Ability

If the current opponent is affected by the Poison Gas Special Ability, this attack will also damage tagged out opponents.

Not So Funny Is It? (Supermove)

Consumes 10 bars.

  • [800% Attack stat] Damage
  • +15%/20%/25%/35% Damage for the duration of the battle

Lord Joker offers up a seat with shocking results.


His gear can be randomly received from Raid rewards, or bought at level 1 from the Arena store.

Name Stat
Fan Collar Defense
Vest Health
Gloves Attack
Shoes Health
Fan Critical Attack chance

Gear set bonus

  • 2/5 - +20% critical attack damage
  • 3/5 - +5% Attack
  • 5/5 - +10% Attack


He can revive himself with his passive.

His special 3, Acid Flower, does damage like most other special 3s, but only costs 4 bars instead of the normal 7, allowing him to do damage quite efficiently.