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Batman Ninja Gorilla Grodd is a 4 Star base Might ClassLegendary Hero. "Batman Ninja teammates can deal increased damage from basic attacks and debuff the opponent. At low health Grodd increases lethal chance and heals himself. Batman Ninja teammates and Legendary allies gain power from landing unblocked lethal attacks."

 Acquiring Shards[]


Versus Challenge[]



  • Passive 1: CRIPPLING BLOW
    • "Batman Ninja teammates deal increased damage and temporarily lower opponent's damage and Defense on every 5th Basic and Swipe Attack."
      • +200% Damage bonus on every 5th Basic or Swipe Attack
      • -30% Damage and Defense for 9 seconds
    • "When at 30% Health, Gorilla Grodd temporarily boosts his Lethal Attack chance and heals himselft for percentage of Basic and Swipe damage dealt."
      • +10% Lethal Attack chance for 9 seconds
      • 5% of damage from Basic Attacks, Swipe and Tag Attacks heals for 9 seconds
  • Passive 3: MASTER PLAN
    • "Whenever Gorilla Grodd, Batman Ninja teammates or Legendary allies land an unblocked Lethal Attack, they gain power."
      • 0.1 Power Bars gained


  • Special 1: GIANT HAYMAKER
    • "Gorilla Grodd's battle roar knocks down his opponent."
      • 320 Damage
      • +50% Damage to Blinded opponents
  • Special 2: ACTIVE SHIELD
    • "A defensive pose that reflects a portion of incoming damage (excluding damage over time) back onto the attacking opponent. While defending, power is slowly drained form Gorilla Grodd."
      • +30% Incoming damage reflected
      • -60% Incoming damage
  • Special 3:


    • "Grodd's telekinesis kicks off a beatdown from the King of Gorilla City."
      • 2,560 Damage
      • +20 % Damage for the duration of the battle


  • Batman Ninja Gorilla Grodd is based on the character, Gorilla Grodd from the animated film Batman Ninja.