Attack is the primary offensive stat used in Injustice 2 Mobile. Talents and gear and gear chance and set effects that state they boost "Attack" increase this stat.

Stat Formula Edit

Damage seems to be calculated by the following formula:

  1. Base dmg +
  2. Additive (e.g. Hand Gear) +
  3. Base dmg * (Sum of?)Multiplier (e.g. Gear Set Bonus)(and Talents+Gear Chance Effects? more testing pending)

Example Edit

A 2* Catwoman at level 25 with no Boosts to Attack from talents has 1,181 Health and 291 Damage when equipped with no gear. If you equip her gloves which are level 3 (which states it gives "+20 Attack"), her damage stat become 311. If you unequip this gear and equip 3 of the other gear pieces (which under level 5 do not possess gear chance effects and do not boost her attack), you will obtain her 3/5 Gear set bonus, and see her damage is 302, or +11 over her base amount. If you reequip the the attack piece her damage goes up by +20, to 322. (104% of 311 is 323.44, meanwhile). Upgrading her gear by 1 level sees here Damage only go up to 327 (so it's unlikely that element 2 of the formula is instead [1+Multiplier]*[Additive], unless I2M rounds up individual numbers).

(Peer Review/further testing sought, especially if you can confirm this with gear effects and talents. How passive abilities play into this is also to be investigated, if you find a fixed Horrific Scarecrow opponent you can test this out.)(The query would be whether this above formula forms a primary battle stat that passives then multiply, or whether or not such passives plug into this formula as presumable additives.)

Battle Formula Edit

The total role that damage plays in battle is under investigation. Hits are usually assigned a base percentage of the attacker's damage stat; the primary focus of investigation is into how blocking, class multipliers, and the defense stat interact with hits.

Attack Damage
Jab attack 10% - 15% - 20%*
Jump attack 35%
Crouch attack 10%
Rush attack 25%
Ranged attack 30%

* A character may have multiples of one of the hits. For instance, Flora Poison Ivy has 3 "middle" hits.

Threat Formula Edit

This total part the damage number plays as to the total threat calculation is currently under investigation.