Atlantean Armor Aquaman is a 2-star base Might class hero and the game's premier team regenerator, healing the whole team after every ability he performs.



His shards can be obtained in the Campaign, chapter 4, battle 12. He is the fourth gold hero accessible through the Campaign, after Unbreakable Cyborg, Grid, and Emerald Green Lantern (and before Multiverse Batwoman, Blademaster Robin, Telekinetic Gorilla Grodd, Enraged Bane, and Primal Swamp Thing).

His shards can also be obtained from Raids completion rewards.


The Waterbearer (passive)Edit

  • [50%/75%/100%/125%/150% Attack stat] Healing for 7 seconds on Ability end for Special Abilities to team

Upon each Ability use, Aquaman heals his entire team over time.

Trident Rush (Special 1)Edit

Consumes 3 bars of power.

  • [100% Attack stat] Damage
  • armor-pierce

At close distance, Aquaman stabs multiple times with his trident.

Power of Neptune (Special 2)Edit

Consumes 5 bars of power.

  • 1.2 Power Bars drained
  • [15% Attack stat] Damage
  • [135% Attack stat] Hazard DoT Damage

Hazard Damage: Aquaman summons an electrified trap that, during contact, power drains his opponent while dealing hazard damage over time (DoT).

Trident Whirl (Special 3)Edit

Consumes 7 bars of power.

  • [300% Attack stat] Damage

At close distance, Arthur twirls his trident into a heavy upwards strike, knocking away his opponent.

From the Deep (Supermove)Edit

Consumes 10 bars of power.

  • [800% Attack stat] Damage
  • +15%/20%/25%/35% Damage for the duration of the battle

An aquatic ally aids in striking down Aquaman's opponent.

Strategy Edit

Healing from multiple specials used in rapid succession will stack. The healing is the same regardless of which special is used (including his supermove).

The wording on his passive is slightly misleading, it applies the healing over 7 seconds, so the healing number shown is the total heal, not per second, which is still quite powerful.

Since the healing is scaled to his Attack stat, building health on him is not very effective.

The healing is applied upon finishing the special. However, interruptions such as Dark Supergirl's passive do not prevent him from healing (regeneration starts immediately if he is interrupted).

He is potentially one of the most immovable objects in Arena. As a high-threat-option opponent, he very often has maxed armor, causing most attacks to barely scratch him while he can heal his whole team for obscene amounts with every special. To get around that, it is possible to power drain him to prevent him from getting the power to use a special (such as with an Atlantean Armor Aquaman yourself, Black Adam's Electric Burst is also very effective at high levels, especially when empowered by his power cost reduction buff so it can be used with 2 bars).

Good withEdit

Obtaining Gear Edit

Gearing up is a way to boost character's Stats, for Atlantean Armor Aquaman his gear can be found by:

Gear Campaign Gear Level
Helmet Normal Chapter 5 Battle 6 5
Chestplate Heroic Chapter 4 Battle 12 8
Gauntlets Heroic Chapter 4 Battle 24 9
Boots Normal Chapter 5 Battle 18 5
Trident Heroic Chapter 5 Battle 24 11

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