Arkham Knight Batman is a 4-star base Agility class Hero, and a powerful all-round fighter capable of devastating damage as well as evasion and team fortification.

He is currently one of the only three legendary (purple card) heroes in the game, the other being Darkseid. He was the first Legendary character to be released.


The Platinum Chest has a 0.75% chance of yielding him. He is also obtainable via various hero chests with a relatively small drop rate (e.g. 0.12% from Hero Chest, 0.46% from Vigilante Chest), but he can be found in almost any of them.

The Ultimate Arkham Knight Batman Chest has a 5% chance of yielding his shards, but it is not specified how many.


"Extensive research provided by Wayne Technology improves the damage of any hazard deployed by Bruce's team. In addition to offering an extended ranged attack, Batman's gadgets also stun his opponents. This leaves them defenseless and unable to attack."

Strategy Edit

Use him as the damage character on you team as he does massive amounts of damage when equipped with full set of gear. He also benefits your entire team with his passive.

Since he inherently gives all Agility and Tech class heroes (including himself) a massive defense buff, he can forgo almost any optional defence from his gear and talents and instead focus on offence.

When a Metahuman opponent uses a special on him while he has Freeflow Counter available, Arkham Knight Batman interrupts them, taking no damage, and summons a swarm of bats briefly that stuns them.

Fear Multi-Takedown benefits anyone on Arkham Knight Batman's team when they deal a KO blow. This applies even when Batman himself has been KO'ed.

Due to his gigantic Defense and Health buffs to Tech and Agility teammates (including himself), teams with him are often nigh-unkillable within the time limit to all but the most powerful and specialized teams.


Good withEdit

  • Sub-Zero: Just like any teammate, his clones can heal and gain power from Fear Multi-Takedown if Arkham Knight Batman is on Sub-Zero's team. However, even if Sub-Zero creates an Agility or Tech clone, they do not seem to gain defence or health from WayneTech.

Good againstEdit

Countered byEdit

  • Justice League Cyborg and Justice League Aquaman: This classic duo is very effective against Arkham Knight Batman, due to the former's massive basic damage boost and the latter's armor-pierce on basics, for the whole Justice League team. Cyborg also gains power from Stun Bomb, even when blocked.
  • Sub-Zero: Arkham Knight Batman's team cannot gain health and power KO'ing enemy Sub-Zero's clones. A Metahuman clone created by Sub-Zero will be affected by Freeflow Counter, however.

Abilities Edit

  • Passive 1: WAYNETECH
    • Batman and his teammates deal increased hazard damage.
      • 20-100% Team Hazard Damage
      • x-60% Defense for Tech and Agility teammates
      • x-125% Health for Tech and Agility teammates
    • When Batman defeats an opponent, Batman regenerates health and will regain some power.
      • x-3 Power bars gained
      • x-30% Health regenerated
    • The Arkham Knight can interrupt and counterattack Specials from Metahuman opponents, leaving them stunned for a few seconds.
      • x-5 second Stun
      • x-3 Counterattacks per battle
  • 1st Ability: WHEEL KICKS
    • Bruce performs a close quartet of kicks that stagger back his opponent.
    • Automatically performs Critical Hits against Stunned opponents.
  • 2nd Ability: STUN BOMBS
    • Hazard: Batman deploys a smoke bomb on the ground. Opponents caught in its blast are briefly stunned.
    • 2 Second stun for lvl 1 and +0.05 seconds for every lvl up after it
    • Has a chance to Stun Raid bosses despite immunity.
  • 3rd Ability: WINGED AVENGER
    • Batman unleashes a masterful string of melee strikes
    • Automatically performs Critical Hits against Stunned opponents.

Obtaining GearEdit

Gear is obtained through the achievement 'Legendary Acquisition' after obtaining the character in a chest.

Gear Set BonusEdit

A Gear bonus is when the character has a number of gears equipped out of five total gears that the character can have on at once. The character gains a bonus for having it equipped.

Amount of Gear Rewards
2/5 12% Critical Attack Chance
3/5 6% Health
5/5 12% Attack

Basic AttacksEdit

Play StyleEdit

Stat ConstructionEdit

Team ConstructionEdit

Versus Edit


  • He is based on the version of Batman as portrayed in the video game, Batman: Arkham Knight. His name causes confusion among players and even the developers (as seen in the description for his Freeflow Counter passive). Unfamiliar with that game, they refer to him as "Arkham Knight". "Arkham Knight" is actually the antagonist of that game, who is revealed to be Jason Todd, better known as Red Hood in Injustice 2.
  • His first passive shares the same name as the passive of Arkham Knight Batman on the first Injustice Mobile game, although the effects are completely different.
  • Winged Avenger, his Special 3, shares the same name as Arkham Origins Batman's Special 2 in the first Injustice Mobile game.
  • He has the highest minimum Attack (352) in the game. He used to have the highest minimum Threat (7976), and minimum health (2200), prior to being surpassed by Darkseid.
  • He was released with 1 passive and was later refactored to have 3, while his stats were massively buffed and his class changed from Tech to Agility.
  • The animation of Freeflow Counter is almost identical to Batman Ninja Batman's special 1, Bat Swarm, except that the former does not move.
  • Upon his refactor, Fear Multi-Takedown allowed his team to gain power and health KOing summoned units (e.g. Sub-Zero clones). At some point (at or before 3.1) this was removed.
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