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Arena is a game mode in which players fight against AI-controlled teams created by other players. Fights in the Arena contribute to your seasonal Battle Rating, the score that determines your rewards once the season is complete. This game mode is unlocked once the player reaches Level 3.

A player in a higher Arena.

Different Arenas[]

A player in a lower Arena at roughly the same time. Note that despite having less than a third of the previous player's battle rating, they are in the same tier and the latter is at a much higher rank.

One of the most important things to know about the Arena is that there are several, functionally separate Arenas. Older accounts are put in higher, more competitive Arenas, though all Arenas feature the same rewards. DC Game Support has stated the Arenas were designed to filter by account age so you would be battling other players who "began playing the game around the same time as you and have had a similar opportunity to progress their collections & characters."

This is not only unfair for players who registered at the beginning of the game and have since taken long hiatuses, but also heavily disadvantageous. Some players choose to make new accounts to circumvent their Arena placement.

The different Arenas are typically referred to as Arena A, B, C, D, etc. Newer arenas are added periodically as the older ones reach capacity. At one point, the oldest Arena (A) was split into A1, A2 and A3.

Entering Battles[]

Entering Arena battles requires a unique resource called Pips. Each of your characters will have a max of 5 Pips at a time & they will refresh every day at noon (GMT) if depleted. Pips do not stack for future seasons.

Upon tapping "Find Opponents", the player will be presented with 5 possible matches to choose from. They are always arranged with the most challenging team on top & the easiest team to beat at the bottom. The easiest match is always at or around your threat level, while the hardest will typically have a threat rating around ~2.5 times as high. The higher the threat level of your opposing team, the higher your Battle Rating will be.

You may receive unusually strong teams as the top threat option. As a team with 330k threat, most top enemy teams are around 800k - 900k threat, but occasionally you will get an enemy team at the 1.1M - 1.6M threat range.

Refresh Opponents[]

The "Refresh Opponents" option allows you to re-roll for an entirely different set of 5 matches (with a 10 seconds cooldown between refreshes). By changing a team and not refreshing, it is possible to fight the same opponents with a different team. This can be useful if you are very confident about your team (i.e: you could use a high threat team to get high threat enemies, then change to a lower threat team to fight them). Heroes able to turn the enemies' strength to their benefit may do this successfully, such as Special Block users and Sub-Zero.


There are 2 Arena seasons each week.

  • The Weekday Season
    • Tuesday (5PM GMT) — Friday (10PM GMT)
  • The Weekend Season:
    • Friday (11PM GMT) — Tuesday (4PM GMT)

There is a one hour cool down between the end of a season and the start of the next season to distribute the end of season rewards. A new season starting will refresh all heroes' Pips, which otherwise only happens at noon GMT.

Time's Up![]

Unlike other game modes, you may win even when the timer reaches zero. It is known that it is possible to win even when you fail to KO any enemy opponent, having less remaining health, and/or have fewer surviving members. It is also possible to lose even when you KO'ed an enemy opponent while your whole team survives. It is likely that victory is decided by total damage dealt.


Arena Invasion is a special mechanic in which a hero has a chance to "invade" a battle, randomly replacing one of the enemy heroes. The invading hero tends to have significantly lower stats, and is always first to appear in battle. If you win that battle, you gain 2-3 of their shards and a piece of their gear. Invasion rewards can be obtained 3 times a day, resetting like Pips.

Invasion events are not always active. Only one can be active at a time. Arena Invasion heroes include Justice League Cyborg, Batman Ninja Harley Quinn, Classic Superman, and Classic Batman. Generally, they only invade the Arena when they are first released, and they are rarely available again as such afterward.


Players gain daily and seasonal rewards based on how much Battle Rating they have accumulated compared to other players. Untouchable and up requires the player to be top 200 or better.

In addition to the season rewards, there are milestone rewards based on the number of victories earned in a season. The more battle wins earned, the higher the rewards. The rewards are paid out immediately as and when a milestone is reached and the milestone rewards for the season are capped at 50 wins.

Season Rewards[]

Tier Rank Placing Daily reward Tier reward
Legendary Top 50 5,000 credits 360 hero shards

1,000 gems
600 medals

Invincible Top 100 4,000 credits 360 hero shards

800 gems
550 medals

Untouchable Top 200 3,500 credits 360 hero shards

600 gems
500 medals

Elite IV Top 1%* 3,250 credits 360 hero shards

400 gems
450 medals

Elite III Top 2%* 3,000 credits 160 hero shards

350 gems
425 medals

Elite II Top 5%* 2,750 credits 160 hero shards

300 gems
400 medals

Elite I Top 10%* 2,500 credits 160 hero shards

150 gems
250 medals

Competitor IV Top 15%* 2,250 credits 100 hero shards

125 gems
100 medals

Competitor III Top 20%* 2,000 credits 75 hero shards

100 gems
80 medals

Competitor II Top 25%* 1,750 credits 50 hero shards

95 gems
60 medals

Competitor I Top 33%* 1,500 credits 25 hero shards

90 gems
60 medals

Challenger IV Top 42%* 1,250 credits 15 hero shards

85 gems
40 medals

Challenger III Top 55%* 1,000 credits 10 hero shards

80 gems
40 medals

Challenger II 750 credits 5 hero shards

75 gems
20 medals

Challenger I - 500 credits 70 gems
20 medals

*Placings are estimated based on the total number of players who connected to the arena server in the current season in your arena bracket

Milestone Rewards[]

Season Victories Milestone reward
50 3,500 credits

5 Tier 6 XP capsules

45 3,500 credits

3 Tier 6 XP capsules

40 3,000 credits

3 Tier 6 XP capsules

35 3,000 credits

5 Tier 6 XP capsules

30 2,500 credits

3 Tier 6 XP capsules

25 2,500 credits

2 Tier 6 XP capsules

20 2,000 credits

2 Tier 6 XP capsules

16 2,000 credits

2 Tier 6 XP capsules

12 1,500 credits

2 Tier 6 XP capsules

8 1,500 credits

1 Tier 6 XP capsule

5 1,000 credits

2 Tier 6 XP capsules

2 1,000 credits

1 Tier 6 XP capsule

In addition to the above, a fixed bonus reward is also given at each of the above milestones based on your account level. If your account level is 65 or higher, you receive 4000 credits and 8 medals per milestone.


  • Previously, player teams with at least around 20,000 Threat were able to match up against opponents of a much higher threat rating—from 30,000 to over 200,000 in very rare cases. This could actually be beneficial as it allowed players to take on more difficult fights to earn more Battle Rating per Pip expended.
  • Arena battles did not always award experience.
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