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Soulstealer Doctor Fate, Shazam, and Black Adam. All arcane class heroes.

Arcane is one of the 5 classes of a hero . Unlike all other classes arcane heroes do not have an advantage over another class and no other class has an advantage over arcane heroes.


Raid Bosses[]

Class Specific Effects[]

  • Hellboy - "+10% / +13.75% / +17.5% / _ / _ / +25% Damage and defense against Arcane opponents"
  • Raiden - " _ / +0.9 / _ / _ / _ / _ starting Power Bar Arcane teammates"
  • Shazam - "+20% / _ / _ / _ / _ / _ Attack for Arcane and Might teammates"


  • While arcane is often considered a synonym to magic, its definition is "understood by few; mysterious or secret".Out of all the arcane heroes, only 5, 
    • Black Adam, Doctor Fate, Soulstealer Doctor Fate, Shazam and Silver Banshee, are explicitly magic-based.
    • Darkseid, Hellboy and Raiden and are based on divine/infernal power which is debatable.
    • Power rings belonging to, Atrocitus, Green Lantern, Emerald Green Lantern and John Stewart Green Lantern and the scarab belonging to Blue Beetle are based on advanced technology.
    • Sub-Zero and Firestorm could be considered metahumans.
    • Magic-based heroes not in the arcane class include, Cheetah, who is similar to Silver Banshee in origin, and Swamp Thing and by extension Primal Swamp Thing, who is a frequent member of the occult team Justice League Dark.
  • The icon for the arcane class appears to be loosely based on the Eye of Providence.

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