1.4.0 is the version of the game following the first update to the initial version of Injustice 2 Mobile. It was released on May 26, 2017.

It introd

Mythic Wonder Woman.jpg
Mythic Wonder Woman, one of 5 new Heroes added in this update.

uced the following:

  • Notifications will now be sent to your phone for completed operations.
  • Store:
    • There is a "Premium Hero Chest" now for 250 gems, with a stated higher chance at getting Gold-rarity Heroes and a higher chance in particular for Marksman Deadshot
    • "Card" membership can now be purchased with the Injustice Card and Injustice Elite Card (for $7.99 and $25.99, respectively), which will yield gem rewards for 30 days (25 daily and 100 daily, respectively)

It changed the following:

  • Roster:
    • When here or in another location and you select a hero, upon going "back", the former screen resumes where left off
    • The up/down inversion of characters is fixed (characters are now shown in proper order starting from top left to bottom left moving rightward, as opposed to bottom left to top left moving rightward)
  • Art & icons:
    • Blademaster Robin has a new image/profile picture option.
    • Superman has a new image.
    • Before where the various class symbols were used for varying effects, new symbols are used in the descriptions of abilites.
  • Completed Matches:
    • XP chips are now displayed after successful battle.

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Achievements:
    • The number of unlocked heroes is now properly counted for the Might Heroes, Metahuman Heroes, and Hero Collection achievements.
  • Blocking damage now causes the damage numbers to show up in a unique turquoise colour, instead of using red like critical hits.
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